Visitor information for the Botanical Gardens






The Botanical Garden offers you a pleasant setting to pass the time in a natural atmosphere. Altogether there are 7 cabins for visitors each containing 3 beds. All have air conditioning or a fan. Till the first quarter of 2005 is availible a guest house for groups with a capacity for 25 people. The cafeteria offers three meals a day and cafeteria services. The footpaths can be used all day. At dawn it is easy to see many birds and to listen  the

"noise of the forest". If you are interested in visiting Lancetilla please contact us and make a reservation.



The Botanical Garden Lancetilla is open to visitors every day of the year between the 7.00 a.m until 15.30 p.m.


Prices of entrance and lodging:


Entrance to the gardens per visitor per day is:



Children:                                                                    10,00 Lps  

Students and school children:                                 20,00 Lps  

Adults:                                                                        40,00 Lps  

Tour Guide (up to 25 persons):                               50,00 Lps  



Without residence in Honduras:                                6,00 $US

With residence in Honduras:                                     3,00 $US

(exchange rate Sep. 2005:  19 Lps = 1 US$)




Cabin with two beds and air conditioning per night:  15,00 $US

Cabin with three beds and air conditioning per night: 20,00 $US


The cabins are equipped with two or three single beds and have a private bath and shower. The cabins at the Botanical Garden can hold a maximum of 20 people.


There are also additional rooms in a Guest House. A single room with two beds cost for one night costs 15,00 $US.

The roos incl. air condition and private bathroom. For more information please contact the Lancetilla Botanical Garden directly by e-mail or by telephone/Fax: (++504) 4481740.


Coming to Lancetilla ?  What has Lancetilla Botanical Gardens got to offer ?


The infrastructure of the Lancetilla Botanical Garden, the only Botanical Garden in Honduras, offers more than just the possibility of getting close to mother nature. Here we can offer you much more: we have a center equipped for formal or informal meetings. A wide infrastructure that allows us to cope with groups of up to 50 people. We also have a television set, VHS, slide projector and data show.


We also have photocopying, fax, telephone and 24 hour internet service. The cafeteria offers three daily meals and can provide food for the lodging of approximately 30 people. In some part of the Bot. Garden is a wirless LAN available.


Visitors to the Botanical Garden can study more than 1200 species of plants simply by walking the 6.0 km network of footpaths which cross the Arboretum. There is also a footpath in the Lancetilla natural reserve which requires at least 3 hours to walk. For this excursion it is obligatory to hire a tour guide.


In addition to this you will find in the Botanical Garden several buildings of Administration and Investigation that are in the typical architectural style of the 1930-40ís, when the Garden was owned by the United Fruit banana company.