Infrastructure of the Botanical Garden Lancetilla


The only Botanical Garden of Honduras, in Lancetilla near Tela, does not only offer the possibility of direct bonding

 with mother nature. Here we can offer much more:


A conference center exists in which formal or relaxed meetings can be held.  A wide variety of facilities, allow study

groups of up to 50 people. Use of a television set, VHS and slide projector.






We have offices with photocopier, fax, telephone and 24 hour internet access (some areas with wireless access).


The cafeteria offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you would like to stay in Lancetilla there is lodging availiable for up to 30 people.







The visitors of the Botanical Garden can study more than 1200 species of plants via a wide system of footpaths which cross the Arboretum to the length of 6.0 km



  Trail  "Las Piedras"



The Stones trail ( Las Piedras ) crosses the park and takes around 3 hours to complete. For this excursion it is obligatory to contract the service of guide.












La Reserva Natural  Lancetilla





In the botanical gardens you will also find several Administration and Research buildings, most of which are in the style of 1930ís to 40ís architecture from when the Garden was property of the banana company United Fruit.